Indian Hill home remodel

"Total house transformation!!! We have our dream home now - on our dream lot. Alto Design provided us so many innovative ideas to transform our house - lots of sunlight, views to the woods, special nooks, re layout of bedrooms, curb appeal, open floor plans. Alto also maximized our time by handling all of the contractor quotes and bids. Andy then helped us cut the cost of the project nearly half through value-engineered approach. We ended up saving more than our total architecture fees through their contractor selection process. They found us an absolutely amazing contractor who exceeded our expectations on quality and service. They helped manage the project to ensure all of the design intent was achieved. They helped us design the perfect house for us and found us a perfect contractor for us. Thank you Andy, Page, & Alto Design Team - they did more than what you'd think an architect would do."

Over-the-Rhine row house

"Alto Design did a fantastic job with our historic renovation. The site presented the challenge of working within an existing footprint and required knitting together three existing buildings from the 1800s, with a total renovation, inside and out. Alto Design helped us navigate contractor selection, the Historic Conservation Review Board process and the LEED for Homes certification process (ultimately achieving LEED Gold status). Alto Design worked with us from initial schematic design through completion of construction, with a great attention to detail, solving issues before they became problems. They were extremely responsive and knowledgeable. We couldn't be happier with them or with the finished product."

Edgecliff Point Condo

[How did] I find my interactions with Prisbet to be as we work to complete my condo renovation?


Although I find it is an overused phrase, 'consummate professional' describes Prisbet perfectly. It has been a joy to work with someone who delivers when they say they will, dots all i’s and crosses all t’s, follows up with vendors, and keeps the client in the loop.   

Of course none of her superb work habits would matter much if Prisbet wasn’t, at heart, a gifted designer. She is knowledgeable, creative,  inventive, able to quickly ascertain a client’s likes and dislikes, and strong enough to present choices otherwise unexplored.

In short, flawless."

Wyoming home remodel

"I only have good things to say about Prisbet! 

-She has been a joy to work with.

-She captured the heart and idea of our project really well. I don’t feel like I am continually trying to convince her to like my ideas, and likewise, she is not trying to convince me. Prisbet has partnered up with me really well, and all our discussions are moving towards the same hope.

-Her background in architecture was the reason we hired her over another potential designer, and that background has been incredibly beneficial. So much so, I really wish she was involved sooner!  If Prisbet could have collaborated with us sooner, the details & decisions we are working through now, could have been folded into the first round of drawings.

- It is apparent that this is her career and not a hobby. Her depth of knowledge speaks beyond the current trends that I’m finding on Pintrest… which she appropriately guides me to a better considerations. She keeps me on track."

Indian Hill home interior

"Prisbet was an amazing and mindblowing asset to our transformation … seriously, she kept us sane. 

What do you want to know?

  1. Proactive communication 
  2. Made it easy for us to make decisions
  3. Timely 
  4. She knows how to tell us we are WRONG in a polite manner 
  5. She’s bringing us ideas 
  6. She is able to listen to the different styles [my wife] and I have and find a solution that incorporates both of our needs or tells us why we are wrong (seriously, this is important)
  7. What else … there’s so much more."